Q: Why doesn't Bonding Source publish prices for its products?

A: Many of the products we sell have limited shelf lives and the price of the batches we purchase may fluctuate.  We have different batches coming in and going out all the time, so the pricing is dynamic.  This is also the reason we don't offer e-commerce purchasing directly from the website.

Q: How can I find out what the expiration date is for the epoxy I want to buy?

A: Just call or email us.  We can tell you the expiration date of the batch(es) we have in house and also let you know when the next batch is due to arrive if we are out of stock.

Q: Does Bonding Source ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide.  However, there are some countries that do not accept shipments on dry ice, so we may not be be able to ship pre-mixed and frozen epoxy pastes to them.

Q: If there is a product we want that Bonding Source does not carry, can you get it for us?

A: Yes we can.  Please keep in mind that it will probably be a little more expensive than purchasing it directly from the manufacturer.

Q: Does laser cutting burn the edges of the epoxy?

A: With the proper settings, laser cutting ablates away the epoxy and does not leave burnt edges.  A good laser cut looks as good as a good steel rule die cut.  Please see our Epoxy Pre-form page for more information.  Laser cutting is now the film converting method of choice for the RF/Microwave defense industry.

Q: Does Bonding Source accept blanket orders.

A: Yes, you can lock in pricing and schedule out shipments of custom epoxy pre-forms and our standard products.

Q: Does Bonding Source offer applications and technical support.

A: Bonding Source offers application and technical support for all of the products we carry.  Some of the support may be initially limited to information available on product datasheets, however we have direct contacts with tech support at the manufacturers. If we don't know the answer to your question, we can get back to you quickly.

Q: Our company has a 75% shelf life requirement clause.  How does Bonding Source handle that?

A: Many Bonding Source customers have a standard Quality Note on their purchase orders regarding minimum shelf life requirement. Usually the note states that a minimum of 75% of the shelf life shall remain on the purchased material upon receipt by the customer. Historically, epoxies have been manufactured in batches with substantial minimum order requirements. When a customer orders from the manufacturer, the customer typically does not yet know the expiration date. The intent of the Quality Note is to ensure that the manufacturer is providing fresh material, and to help minimize the scrapping of material in the event that it can’t be consumed before the expiration date.

Buying epoxy from Bonding Source is fundamentally different. The majority of the time, we have the epoxy in stock and can tell the customer the expiration date at the time of inquiry. The customer can then determine what quantity to purchase depending on their manufacturing needs and timing. Buying from Bonding Source is like a having a freezer down the hallway.

Please note that the epoxy manufacturers typically guarantee 50 - 75% shelf life when they ship to Bonding Source. Henkel's policy is 50% shelf life for all their epoxy products. It’s still our customers’ decision, but most Quality Managers and Purchasing Managers that deal with Bonding Source waive the 75% Q note because they know the expiration date in advance, they get the quantity they want, and avoid the high minimum order charges.

Of course, we will always honor all of the notes on your purchase orders. We just want our customers to know that this Q note does not always have to be used as a standard.