Bonding Source adds 3rd Laser System

September 2019

Bonding Source recently took delivery of its 3rd custom built laser system.  Electrically conductive and non-conductive epoxy films are the primary materials converted at Bonding Source.  The goal is to keep that laser processing area clean and FOD free.  Our customer base has requested that we cut other materials including silicon, Teflon and Pacothane press board, microwave absorbing and EMI shielding material, and thermal interface sheets. Cutting some of these materials generates FOD and requires that the lasers and processing areas be cleaned after cutting.  The new laser is housed in a segregated area and used for the cutting of the non-epoxy type materials, keeping the "clean" area FOD free and reducing set up time.

IMS Show 2019-Boston- Booth 788

May 2019

Bonding Source will be exhibiting at the IMS Show in Boston June 4-6.  Come visit with the Bonding Source team and learn more about the products and services we provide to the RF/Microwave industry.  We look forward to seeing our customers from the US and abroad.  Booth 788.

Closing in on 2,000,000 preforms

December 2018

As of December 5, 2018 Bonding Source has shipped 1,773,499 preforms worldwide.  The total includes thousands of unique part numbers, and over 60 different types and configurations of film epoxies from various manufacturers.  Although the lion's share of the preforms are destined for defense and aerospace programs, other customers include medical, industrial sensors, telecom and various advanced packaging applications.

Over the last 12 years our customers have evolved, and realize that the epoxy preform is an integral part of any high precision assembly.  Preform drawings are becoming more comprehensive, including details on edge cut quality, shelf life, handling, critical tolerances, shipping, packaging and labeling.  Bonding Source continues to invest so that we can meet these requirements and present our customers with preforms ready for the assembly floor.