In Stock Solutions

Bonding Source was formed in February 2006 in response to a void in the market for quick delivery of materials used in microelectronics and RF/Microwave manufacturing. Epoxy and bonding wire manufacturers typically have a 2-5 week lead times and extraordinary minimum charges.  In addition, all epoxies have a limited shelf life and most have a -40c storage requirement.

The Bonding Source concept is based on a few basic principles:

  • Immediate Delivery. We can ship the same day of inquiry. All we need is a PO or a credit card number.
  • No minimum charges. That’s right. Customers can buy one syringe, one sheet of film, one spool of wire, or one bonding tool.
  • We take all the risk. Never worry about scrapping expired epoxy again. Bonding Source purchases the epoxy and wire directly from the manufacturers and takes all the risks associated with these limited shelf life materials. With an international customer base of thousands of companies, we turn inventory on a regular basis insuring a constant supply of fresh material and more on the way in.
  • Great customer service.  Our on-site team provides real-time quotes over the phone, with quotes in writing via email. If you get our voicemail, we commit to a 4 hour reply during normal business hours. We can ship the same day, or can schedule shipments per your needs.
  • Never sacrifice quality. We purchase from the best brands in the industry and follow strict storage and handling guidelines. A manufacturer's C of C is provided with every shipment, and all epoxy shipments are shipped on dry ice or cold packs in thermo-insulating coolers. Bonding Source has calibrated -40c freezers, -5c freezers, back-up freezers, a generator with an automatic transfer switch, and constant remote monitoring alarmed sensors on all freezers. We ensure that all frozen materials meet the manufacturer's specification for storage requirements. Technical Data Sheets are on our website and MSDS sheets are also available if requested.
  • Total Control.  Epoxies and epoxy pre-forms are sensitive materials.  Our customers demand high reliability results from the epoxies we sell.  That means we must have total control of all handling, storage, packaging, cleanliness, laser cutting, and inspection.  All Bonding Source employees are on-site in our modern facility and no processes are outsourced.
  • We ship worldwide.  Bonding Source has an international customer base and we've shipped to every continent except for Antarctica.
  • Functional Tools and Equipment-  Based on feedback from our assembly and process engineer customer base, we continue to add tools, equipment, and assembly aids that help microelectronics operations run smoothly.

About the Manufacturers

Before we formed the business we approached the manufacturers and presented them with the idea for Bonding Source. The primary manufacturers are Henkel (Ablestik, Loctite, Emerson & Cuming), Epoxy Technology, Rogers, NAMICS, Indium, Ametek (Coining/SPM), AI Technology, Resin Design, and Small Precision Tools. All of the manufacturers approve of the Bonding Source concept, and are happy that we can bring their products to the market in a quick and economical fashion. They have worked with us to ensure we represent their products well, have given us guidance on products to stock, and provide technical training and assistance.


If you have a specific material that we do not carry, please let us know and we will consider stocking it depending on market demands.