Epoxy Adhesive Storage, Handling and Pre-form Cutting

Bonding Source operates from a newly refurbished 6000 square foot facility designed specifically for the storage, converting, and distribution of specialty materials for the microelectronics and RF/microwave industries.

Equipment Includes:

  • Two Dual Head 200 Watt CO2 laser systems custom built for the cutting of epoxy pre-forms
  • One single head 250 Watt CO2 laser for cutting microwave absorber and EMI shielding, thermal interface material, Teflon, silicon press board and Pacothane.
  • Fully programmable, automated Microvu inspection system for the inspection of laser cut pre-forms
  • Three¬† -40c freezers for epoxy pastes and films.
  • Two -5c freezers for epoxy films and cut preforms.
  • Two freezers for cold packs used in shipping film.
  • Back Up Generator to guarantee continuous operation of all freezers in the event of a power interruption or failure.
  • Sensors on all product freezers are connected to ADT Security Systems for remote monitoring.
  • Quarterly calibration done on all freezers.
  • Clean and organized area for the packaging of all material.
  • Weekly delivery of dry ice for epoxy paste shipments.
  • Coolers and cold packs per the manufacturers specifications.
  • Vacuum sealing equipment for the secure packaging of film stock and pre-forms

Epoxy paste and film coolers for overnight no minimum charge shipments