Yellow Sticky Tape

Yellow Sticky Tape is an item always kept close at hand by veteran microelectronics assemblers and inspection personnel.  Even when best practices are used to keep FOD out of microelectronics and RF/Microwave modules, sometimes debris does get into an assembly, whether it's an epoxy flake, make-up, skin, etc. If a light tap or blow-off with house air or nitrogen does not do the trick, the yellow sticky tape rolled onto a probe or oiler works very well.  Simply peel back a strip of the tape from the roll and roll the tip of the probe onto the tape.  The tape will transfer from the tape liner to the probe, and the result is a probe with with an adhesive tip.  Gently touch the probe tip to the debris and the debris will transfer to the adhesive tip. Once the tip is filled with debris, peel off the dirty tape and roll on a fresh batch.  The rolls of tape are sold in a 5 pack and ship today if ordered by 2:00 PM EST.  Bonding Source also stocks oilers.

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Description IT-700 is a 1 mil polyester film tape with a rubber thermosetting adhesive system.


• Designed for use in a range of insulation applications on wound coils:

o Insulating coil connections and crossovers

o Interlayer insulation

o Lead hold down

o Coil wrap protection

o Bundling

Features and Benefits

• Conformable polyester film backing provides abrasion protection and puncture resistance.

• Non-corrosive rubber adhesive system resists degradation from chemicals and other contaminants.

• UL Listed under file number E82910

Physical Properties:

Backing: Polyester film

Width: 1/2 inch

Length: 36 yards

Backing Thickness: 1.0 mils

Total Thickness: 2.5 mils

Adhesive System: Rubber Thermosetting

Insulation Class: 130° C

Dielectric Strength: 5,000 Volts

Adhesion to Steel: 40.0 oz./in. width

Tensile: 23.0 lbs./in. width

Elongation: 100.0%

Color: Yellow