Ultimate wire bonding coupon for machine set up and bond pull process set up

The Ultimate Bonding Coupon has been fabricated exclusively for Bonding Source to facilitate wire bond machine set up, training and validation.

    • Wire Bond Pull Test Certification. Use for wire bond set up to ensure destruct and non-destruct wire pull strength for all types of wires and ribbon. You’ll get a destruct bond pull reading C of C with each lot of Coupons you buy from Bonding Source (typically 9-11 grams for .001” Au wire). If you don’t obtain similar results, you know there is a set-up problem.
    • Training and machine set up. The Ultimate Bonding Coupon is the most effective and economical way to train employees and set up machines for automatic and manual wire bonding. Use the coupon to train employees on wire bond criteria, loop control, targeting, foot impression and “at rate” bonding capability. Don’t waste expensive die and substrates trying to train employees or setting up machines.
    • Double sided metallization- The bottom side is all gold allowing for hundreds of wires.
    • Die Shear. Die shear epoxy attach.
    • Epoxy evaluation. Use the Ultimate Bonding coupon to evaluate epoxy paste and film adhesives.
    • Board-mount with sheet and paste epoxies. Use the Coupon to verify parameters for mounting substrates onto carriers and housings.
    • Specifications:
      -Material: .015" thick FR4
      -Metallization: 50-75 Microinches of gold (Au) (Type 3 Grade A Soft gold)over 100 microinches of Nickel (Ni), top and bottom sides.
      -Dimensions: 1.15" x 1.09"
    • What your order contains:

-A pack of 20 Ultimate Bonding Coupons.
-Destruct wire bond pull test C of C readings for your lot, with actual bond pull readings to compare with your future tests.

  • Cost: $300.00 for a pack of 20.