Micro chisel blades were originally designed to clean out excess epoxy "bleed out" from areas on a carrier or microwave housing after the epoxy film board mount cure process.  The blades are easier to use than Beaver or Exacto Blades on flat surfaces because of the chisel face.  The blades are also used to scrape off excess solder and for die/component removal.  Every microelectronics assembly area should have blades on hand for cleaning and rework.

The blades are 1 inch long and come in widths of .017", .025" and .034".  They easily fit in a pin vise.

25 piece packs: $90.00

Variety Packs (10 of each width for a total of 30 blades) with a pin vise included: $125.00

Pin Vise Sold Separately: $12.50

Micro Chisel Blade with Pin vise for microelectronics cleaning and rework

Micro Chisel blade for microelectronics die removal and epoxy and solder cleaning