Flourosilicone Sheets

Bonding Source stocks .0625" (1/16) and .125" (1/8") thick flourosilicon press board used to press onto substrate during the epoxy film cure cycle. The flourosilicon sheet is placed between the top metal press fixturing and the substrate to ensure even pressure distribution and constant pressure during the oven cure profile.  Available in 12" x 12" sheets or laser cut to circuit board shape. Press board can be cleaned and re-used multiple times.  60 durometer fluorosilicone sheet material is designed to be utilized in applications where general purpose silicone would degrade by harsh fluids or chemicals. 60 durometer fluorosilicone will perform in extreme low and high temperature, with a service temperature of -65°F to +500°F. Style AG60FS is naturally UV and ozone resistant and offers extreme resistance to fuels and solvents.