Holding Fixtures for epoxy film attachment

The epoxy press holding fixtures are used to maintain the desired pressure on the assembly during the oven cure process. The carrier/housing, epoxy film, substrate and press board material are inserted under the top plate of the holding fixture. The holding fixture then is placed under the piston of the EFP-500E epoxy film press. The press applies the appropriate force to the top plate of the holding fixture. Once the pressure is applied, the knobs are finger tightened.  Some customers rotate the fixture 180 degrees, press the unit again, and finger tight the bolts to ensure balanced pressure on the module.  The fixtures are then placed into the oven for the cure cycle.  Silicon press board or other load leveling interface material provides constant, even pressure during the cure cycle.   Cure time should be increased to account for the mass of the holding fixture(s) and modules under cure.  The fixtures work with many different sized microwave modules, and can accommodate "multi-up" processing of smaller modules.  The holding fixtures can be re-used indefinitely, as long as care is taken not the bend the bolts.

The standard holding fixtures come in 3 sizes:

  • HFL, Holding Fixture Large: 7.5” x 11.5” x .375” plate thickness.  Area between bolts to hold assembly: 6.438" x 10.5"
  • HFM, Holding Fixture Medium: 5.5" x 7.5" x .375" plate thickness.  Area between bolts to hold assembly: 4.5" x 6.438"
  • HFS, Holding Fixture Small, 3.0" x 3.75" x .375" plate thickness.  Area between blots to hold assembly: 2.813" x 2.125".   If using the HFS with the EFP-500E press, the aluminum spacing block (shown below) must also be purchased so the press piston does not hit the fixture holding bolts.

The fixtures are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Custom sizes are also available with 2-3 week delivery.Press fixtures hold assemblies during epoxy curing cycle for RF Microwave modules