Bonding Source Donates to Nashua Community College and other area organizations


Bonding Source donated $8,500 worth of equipment and supplies to support the microelectronics manufacturing program at Nashua Community College.  “The NCC Microelectronics program is a great example of how business, state government and the community college system can work together to provide relevant training to fill the needs of the advanced manufacturing firms in the area.  The students receive hands on training, spend hours working with the equipment, and have the opportunity to intern at local manufacturers in the area including BAE Systems, Mercury Systems, MACOM, API and Semigen.  Upon course completion, it looks like the placement rate is close to 100%.  We are happy to support this successful program”, says Scott MacKenzie, president of Bonding Source.  The company also provided funds for employees to make a donation to the organization of their choice.  YMCA Camp MiTeNa, Bedford Memorial School, FIRST, Hope for Recovery and HAVEN NH each received a $750.00 donation.

Bonding Source Completes Space Fence Order, More for AMDR

10/21/2016-  Bonding Source successfully completed an order for 17,000 conductive epoxy film preforms for Lockheed's Space Fence program. The preforms were provided to the module supplier of the Line Replaceable Units that contain 36,000 powerful GaN-based High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) for Space Fence, an S-Band ground-based radar system that will provide the Air Force with uncued surveillance, detection, tracking and accurate measurement of space objects, primarily in low-Earth orbit. 115 crates of these LRUs are packed and in storage ready to be shipped more than 7,000 miles from Clearwater to the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Bonding Source is also the supplier of conductive film preforms used on the production units of the passive beamforming network hardware used on Raytheon Defense System's Air Missile and Defense Radar. Shipments of the preforms will continue into 2017.

Bonding Source celebrates 10 year anniversary.

 2/6/2016- In February 2006 we took the plunge and purchased $30,000 worth of epoxy paste and film hoping that the RF/Microwave community would appreciate immediate delivery with no minimum charges.  Although we had a few sleepless nights that first year during March snow storms (we didn’t install a generator for the freezers until later that year), and a few challenges picking the right product line, it’s been a wonderful run.

Bonding Source continues to expand the epoxy product line. We also offer bonding wire and ribbon, bonding tools, a high end press designed specifically for mounting epoxy preforms, and have more assembly processing equipment coming in the near future.  Our two laser engineers, Misha and Ian, are optimizing our pre-form cutting operation and are evaluating the investment in an additional high end laser system.  Additional freezers were installed in February to handle increased inventory.  Rachael and Doug continue to support our growing customer base with quick response on quotes and inquiries.

We’d like to thank all of our customers and suppliers for their support and look forward to another 10 years.