Wire Bonding Shims

Bonding Source bonding shims are .020" x .020" x .005", 50 micro inches Au min. over 50 micro inches Ni min plated Moly.  The gold plated moly tab bonding shims are used for creating/repairing bonding areas on substrates, pedestals for ground bonds, and a good wire bondable option for poorly plated circuits.   Attach with solder or conductive epoxy. The shims can be ordered two ways; 250 pcs in a vial, or 400 pieces in a waffle pack.  Shims packaged in the waffle pack are ready for semi or fully automatic pick and place and are much easier to count.

More Technical Data (PDF)

Gold plated moly tab wire bonding shim pedestal in waffle pack

Gold plated moly tab bonding shim pedestals