Eccosorb BSR-1/SS6M

ECCOSORB® BSR is an ultra-thin, flexible, magnetically loaded, silicone rubber material that is electrically non-conductive. The product is particularly well suited for cavity resonance applications in very small microwave cavities typically seen in higher frequencies. When placed within a cavity ECCOSORB® BSR has proven to be very effective at dampening resonances due to the absorbers high permittivity and permeability.

BSR is recommended for use in high reliability aerospace and military applications, exhibiting excellent thermal cycling, outgassing, shock, and vibration characteristics. Though designed for the microwave frequency, ECCOSORB® BSR-1 at .010” thickness has been found to be quite effective at millimeter wave frequencies. It is held in place with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)  It comes in .010", .040" and .060" thicknesses of 12" x 12" sheets, and can ship today if ordered by 3:00 PM EST.  It is also available as a custom cut preform.

Technical Data Sheet

Eccosorb Cavity resonance absorber microwave cavityEccosorb cavity resonance absorber rf microwave pre-form